Separation and Divorce

Pre-Separation Counseling

Deciding to separate or divorce is a big step. Sometimes couples are unsure whether they are ready or willing to make this big decision for themselves and their family. Pre-Separation counseling can help you work through the questions you might have about whether it is best to separate, what is best for your children, what processes exist and how a divorce might look for your particular family.  Click here to read more about my philosophy and approach

Parenting Coordination

Parenting Coordination is a service provided to parents who are heading into separation and divorce, or who have already completed the divorce process. This service is focused on helping parents communicate effectively, follow their Parenting Plans and make healthy decisions about their children. Parents may be referred by attorneys, therapists, custody evaluators or judges. Some parents are court ordered to attend parent coordination sessions due to the intensity of the conflict and animosity between them. Some parents learn about parent coordination and voluntarily seek this service to help them work through a particularly difficult issue which they cannot resolve alone.  Click here to read more about my philosophy and approach

Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative Practice is a new model of family law that offers families an alternative to litigation. In this process of divorce the couple agrees to be a part of a Collaborative Team which consists of two attorneys, at least one Collaborative Coach, a Financial Neutral and sometimes a Child Specialist. The Collaborative Team works together with the family through the process of separation and divorce in a way that maintains respect, integrity and attention to the needs of all members of the family. The Collaborative Process is very effective at fostering creative solutions to parenting issues and property and financial issues.  Click here to read more about my philosophy and approach