Much of my practice is devoted to helping people create connections with others that are healthy and satisfying. I see couples in various stages of their relationships. Whether you are life partners, engaged or married for a short or long time, it is never a wrong time to seek help for your relationship. Whether you are just starting to experience difficulties or they have been there for a long time, I believe that when you understand the problematic cycles and patterns that you and your partner get into, you can begin to go deeper about what drives those negative reactions to one another. From there we can work together to develop new ways of interacting so that you can have a more connected and compassionate relationship.

Some reasons you might seek couples therapy:

  • You and your partner feel disconnected and distant from one another
  • You and your partner feel as though you keep having the same conflict over and over
  • There has been a trauma in your relationship such as an affair or other betrayal
  • You and your partner get along “fine” but want a connection that is deeper
  • You and your partner have talked about divorce but really want to give your marriage another chance